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Scientists and citizen science = a constructive outcome

Got a thirst for knowledge and scientific exploration? Good! Imagine you’re walking in a garden and you spot swiss chard, but next to it you can’t identify the produce. You draw the leaf on your phone or in your notepad, or take a picture of it. You describe its features. You figure, I can look this up when I get home. Maybe you find it, maybe you don’t. Depending on how you choose to proceed, it’s still worth pausing and acknowledging the joy of wonder.

If you love to wonder while you wander, check out this post about Caren Cooper, who studies birds and encourages citizen science.




One thought on “Scientists and citizen science = a constructive outcome

  1. Thanks Maria for shining a light on a way forward for these climate deniers. Caren Cooper had a wonderful for this while at Cornell. I live a short distance away from the campus and have watched their age old arboretum where class since the early 1950’s plants a tree and then watches them grow along with any problems they may have in their later years. Then they pass this information along to each class, so it is never lost. They can already see the effects of extreme temperatures a.k.a. climate change. There is also a Sapsucker Woods nearby to observe the same effects on these fragile birds.Kudos to you and Ms. cooper for showing people that should also be able to see how extremes in climate affects every living being!

    Posted by Patt Tashjian | May 18, 2015, 1:19 pm

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