Rick Hunter, Microgrid Solar

The accolades vary. Starting with the latest, Microgrid Solar, the leading solar installer, created by Rick Hunter, is the first company in St. Louis, MO to achieve its B Corporation certification. Microgrid Solar is also responsible for this reported first!

“When Jim and Phyllis Young of St. Louis City decided to put solar panels on the roof of their house, they knew they were doing something exciting. But as it turns out, their project is even more exciting than they realized since it is believed to be the first “net zero” residence in St. Louis. “Net-zero” is used to describe a home that has zero net energy consumption because it will generate as much energy as it uses.”

What else is so admirable about Rick Hunter? His sights from the start were high even among punishing obstacles. He started the company in 2010 at 39 when solar didn’t have that much of a spotlight. By 2013, he achieved some noteworthy contracts and solar represented 90% of the total revenue. He’s fast tracking to gain ground in the market.

In 2010, they installed solar panels at the St. Louis Cardinals stadium.

“The Royals and Cardinals have such a strong presence in our state, so it is exciting to think about the far-reaching impact their solar projects will likely have on growing interest in solar in Missouri.”

They are installing solar panels at Fort Riley in Kansas City. They fitted the first restaurant roof in the US to be entirely covered in see-through solar panels — St. Louis’ New Moon Room at the Eclipse Restaurant.

They were selected as the first solar PV installer of an Active House USA. 

Solar in Missouri has come up under legislative review. On May 17, 2013, the Missouri legislature approved legislation that will phase out the Missouri solar rebate program between 2014 and 2020. The legislation went into effect on August 28, 2013. On the federal level, the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is also scheduled to phase out, starting in 2016, which provides a 30% tax credit for solar installations. Although the solar industry helped get the legislation passed, Rick Hunter believes that the incentives won’t be needed in the future since the industry is doing what it can to build itself up strongly to last and meet energy needs.

Despite intense criticism against solar panels and the solar industry, Rick Hunter is committed to diversifying our energy streams with far-reaching impact.

Sources: St. Louis Post Dispatch, Corporate Social Responsibility Wire, St. Louis Business Journal, Sauce Magazine, DailyKos, EnergyBiz



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