It’s Monday and as a result, I felt a bit stymied, then I realized, how dare the micromanagement of life get so uninspiring that I let it get to me.  Combine that with climate change and then I thought, it’s ludicrous to take oneself so seriously, no matter what profession or issue we care about. It certainly doesn’t mean that the topic isn’t taken seriously either, but those who choose to use comedy as a way to explore their concerns and feelings about climate change have a point. Humor is being used to tackle many serious issues. Why? People need to feel entertained after a long day. It’s a cultural phenomenon that gemy Floss honored when they set out to educate people, but in an entertaining way. Plus, you have to love political satire.

Many people who are activists who are focused on environmental issues aren’t stiff. You just get a quick close up of someone at a protest, or advocating for a cause sometimes. Other times, you realize, wow, the heaviness of the issue is weighing the conversation down, and a little levity goes a long way even on issues that people care deeply about, or build their identities around. Bridging people together doesn’t mean just saying the word bridging around people in hopes that they’ll start getting along on an issue. If you want to bring people together on a topic, sometimes humor works. Here are a few funny examples. Enjoy!





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