Why are we doing this?

In response to scientific studies and informed global concerns, many conservationists are taking steps to help reduce their carbon footprint.

For the most part, we want to provide a stimulating overlooked perspective to the one that essentially dominates most media that indicates only pro-business and anti-business groups are involved in a debate about climate. At times, the media portrayal casts a shadow on the side of informed citizens trying to raise appropriate awareness on their concerns. They ignore efforts by responsible citizens who are trying to bridge sustainable business practices with social and environmental impact considerations. We want to share unbiased narratives about people who overcome the barriers that conservationists regularly face minus the distortion. ¬†Recently a judge ruled that a climate scientist can sue for defamation. That’s the world we live in today. We sometimes need courts to prevent awful mistruths when science is either being ignored or conveniently set aside to serve an economically motivated bottom line or politics isn’t defending a shared economy that highlights social and economic responsibility.



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