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Look out Coming Through: Guest Bloggers speak out!

Guest Bloggers ~

We the People… rings loud and clear, despite shifting sands and slippery slopes. We don’t need to be brought to our knees. That’s not the premise or foundation in this great thing we call life.

Not the unforgiven either…The world is our oyster and whatever floats your boat, within limits of course, even if sometimes that means not seeing eye to eye.

It’s how we relate to one another. So, I reached out to people I know who want to share their thoughts, emotions and observations. It’s part of my attempt to cross generational lines, crossing the boundaries we create, to invite the opportunity to move beyond cross purposes to our hidden potential: sharing what’s on our minds about climate change.

It’s not verboten. Independently-minded. Hey, if your style is sarcastic or sweet, cynical or idealistic, or it depends on what you’re addressing, then that’s the cat’s meow.

Independent voices are worth their weight and a valuable use of our time. Our first guest blogger is Guy Conner, the widower of former State Senator Pat Wiggins and 2015 lifetime achievement award recipient for his outstanding work in protecting open spaces…



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