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Look Out Coming Through: Guest Bloggers speak out!

Guest Bloggers ~ I read the news today, oh boy, and Australian fashion designers are making waves overseas! Here’s a fashion designer who is making waves in our hearts, scarves worn elegantly above the sand. Deborah Paulino Advertisements

Look out Coming Through: Guest Bloggers speak out!

Guest Bloggers ~ Beyond sharing their art, artists often stand up to share their political voice, it’s critical in the shifting sands of our time. When we respect our shared and unique values and interests, then we can focus on the future to realize our potential. That potential can lead to real dialogue and if that’s too sore of a spot, … Continue reading

Look out Coming Through: Guest Bloggers speak out!

Guest Bloggers ~ We the People… rings loud and clear, despite shifting sands and slippery slopes. We don’t need to be brought to our knees. That’s not the premise or foundation in this great thing we call life. Not the unforgiven either…The world is our oyster and whatever floats your boat, within limits of course, … Continue reading

No grass growing under her feet: Busy Katherine Hayhoe defies stereotypes…

Texas is full of colorful sayings. Read about Katherine Hayhoe. There’s no grass growing under her feet!  She defies stereotypes deep in the panhandle of Texas. https://writingclimatechangebackintohistory.wordpress.com/scientists2/#Katherine Hayhoe

Cole Rasenberger pitched to McDonald’s and KFC – find out why!

Cole Rasenberger pitched to McDonald’s and KFC – find out why! https://writingclimatechangebackintohistory.wordpress.com/kids/#Cole%20Rasenberger

Man versus Nature? Do we force each other into corners?

One of my favorite artists is Jim Woodring who designed several of jazz great Bill Frisell’s album covers. In an interview with American comic book editor, publisher and critic Gary Groth, Woodring is asked about the world he created for one of his characters named Frank. Groth observed that in the created world of Frank, … Continue reading

Thank you Lions Clubs! Since 1972, Lions Clubs International has recognized profound impact of man’s activities on environment

In communities around the world, Lions Clubs International is seen as a leading service organization, with members of various political parties involved in community service projects based on areas of mutual concern for all members of our communities. While certainly, community members pick which issues matter most to them and sign up for interesting projects, the … Continue reading

EbA – How do restoration efforts and conservation efforts help reduce the impact of climate change?

If you’ve ever gotten caught up in where people stand on climate change, you might see that sometimes, they didn’t have to come up with such a strong dislike or position against understanding climate change. After all, many of us like and practice lifelong learning and hope that humans advance industry, science, arts, humanities, culinary arts, mathematics, natural … Continue reading

A rosier color than brown

Read about William Rose’s effort to inspire Kalamazoo with nature. https://writingclimatechangebackintohistory.wordpress.com/non-profits-2/

Yogis Beyond Coal in North Carolina

In yoga, every breath matters. To live a healthy life, our air matters. To breathe deep breaths, clean air and healthy living build a stronger foundation and strengthen those who practice yoga.  Lisa Sherman founded Yogis Beyond Coal to raise awareness about coal use in supplying North Carolina with energy and to help move Asheville, NC Beyond … Continue reading

An artist studies species deformities in compromised environments

Brandon Ballengee studies different ecological environments to represent how the changes in the environment are affecting local populations of fish, amphibians, birds, and insects. He channels his artistic and scientific talents to share his lifelong concerns, passions and advocacy efforts. He has been studying these declining populations and is passionate about efforts to protect them by increasing participation in … Continue reading

Another answer to another important question

Claudia Brown inspires Missoula in many ways. If you’re having another one of those days when you’re thinking about calling in sick on a day full of responsibilities, read about Claudia Brown. Some days, we seem to be at loggerheads with what to do next and nothing seems fun. Maybe you’re stuck in a routine … Continue reading

Maybe use a different verb after “The sun”

There is a certain pleasure to uncertainty. Do you ever look at the sun and wonder how much it affects your mood, the plants, the trees, dark objects, the climate or the ocean? Enjoy reading about Dr. Kuhn, an astronomer from Hawaii, who is studying the relationship between the sun and the Earth’s climate. Before you do, maybe … Continue reading

A vet makes a bet that is adVETageous

I love my pet. You love yours. You never want anything to happen to your pet. Still, you’ve been to the vet and maybe sometimes you’re not exactly that friendly when you walk in the door, especially since you and your pet aren’t all that excited about the visits by any stretch of the imagination. There’s your pet seemingly getting … Continue reading

Water you waiting for?

Considering how many water fights around the world occur locally and globally, it’s always worth noting the imaginative work of someone who takes their concern and applies it into a focused effort that effectively addresses the problem and simultaneously entertains us. Enjoy reading about Shalini Kantayya and her advocacy effort focusing on water rights and … Continue reading