Guest Blogger Somphet Pheauboonma

Yosemite Heads Above the Rest

by Somphet Pheauboonma

About the blogger: A world folk dancer, an accomplished pharmacy technician, a painter, and Yosemite enthusiast with an avid passion for trying new recipes and exploring the great outdoors.

Five years ago on Christmas Eve, I took my first Yosemite trip in the Sierra Nevada. Of all our blue planet’s biomes, Yosemite offers one of the most spectacular mountain views– snowy winters, luscious flora flourish in spring and summer. But the landscape is changing.

Summers are hot and dry with frequent wild fires and cold rainless winters. I have spent enough time to see a noticeable change in the climate with each passing year.

I love everything about the high country. Its undeniable beauty simply takes my breath away, that, and the altitude. If any of you get the chance to explore such wonders, take it. And let the experience take you where it may. One that captivates you again and again like it has me.



One thought on “Guest Blogger Somphet Pheauboonma

  1. I like Somphet’s description of Yosemite! Of course, once I get past the initial luster of the beauty of that valley, I see the climate change effect. It will always be beautiful, but certainly the change can be seen and felt. Last year we were there in August and by that time all the falls had dried up. I’m not used to seeing that. Guess we’ll have to just expect that now and make changes accordingly.

    Posted by Justin Milligan | May 6, 2015, 8:02 pm

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